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Shanghai Dingli Needle Detector Instrument Co., Ltd

Shanghai Dingli Needle Detector Instrument Co., Ltd is the drafting company of light industry standard(needle detector) of the People’s Republic of China. Our company is the main factory manufacturing the needle detector in China, is the leader in technique industry, passed the ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate and CMA.

We have numerous guests and we also export our products to Japan, USA, Europe, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesian, Singapore, Turkey, Mexico, Korean, etc. Our products involve four main series, metal detector in textile like clothing, toys.


Our most representative guests in China are the Shenzhen A-Fontane Company, Shantou Yumei Clothing Company, Shanghai Three Guns Group, Jiangsu Sumeida Textile Company, Dongguan Yonglian Textile Company. And our company is the assigned Chinese supplier (needle detector) for US NIKE COMPANY.

Our Factory

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