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DN-8500-2 Needle Detector (Whole Box Heavy Load Type)


Automatic Conveyor Needle Detector (whole box heavy load type)

Product Introduction

The whole case detection of overloaded type needle detector machine is designed for the whole case detection and large packaging needs of customers such as customized special models, which is developed to detect the size of the gangway can be customized according to customer requirements, testing products in packaging box legacy in finished the scissors, the artists in the blade and other larger magnetic metal foreign body.

Due to the particularity of FTC (large size + large quality), the detection probe of FTC heavy-duty needle detector adopts the technology of large-size strong magnetic phased array, which is different from the conventional needle detector. The loop of strong magnetic field generated by FTC can effectively suppress external interference, and the detection effect is better.


Clothing, toys, crafts, carpets or non-woven cloth, such as the need to test ferromagnetic metal miscellaneous quality inspection industry.



Automatic Conveyor Needle Detector (whole box heavy load type)





Power Supply

Ac220V 50-60Hz


High power machine, at least 200W

Main material

High strength carbon steel and ABS plastics

Detection Width


Detection Height


Detection Sensitivity


The height from the ground to the conveyor belt


Belt width


conveying capacity


Conveying Direction

from left to right

Conveyor maximum speed


Conveyor belt material

PVC belt for Needle Detector

Display and operation mode

Soft Touch Control Panel

Alarm method

Alarm by sound & light, the conveyor belt stops

Machine length


Machine width


Machine height


Net weight



1. The above detection sensitivity is for reference only, and the actual detection accuracy needs to be tested.

2. Special specifications can be customized according to customer's requirements.

3. The sensitivity of the needle detector is related to the characteristics of the detected product and the detection environment (humidity, temperature, etc.). In addition, there are some surrounding environmental influences, such as vibration, electromagnetic interference, etc., which will affect the actual detection sensitivity of the equipment.

Description of Equipment

A.Design advantages:

1.Using a customized motor, the conveyor belt can be adjusted forward and reverse function freely.

2.Our needle detector adopts digital signal processing technology, which effectively improves the stability of equipment operation and reduces the probability of false alarm.

3.The detection probe and frame are made of high-strength carbon steel. The lightweight body design saves the space of assembly line. It is treated with anti-corrosion, rust, dust-proof and waterproof, which is sanitary and durable and suitable for humid working environment.

B.Configuration advantages:

1.Electrical accessories are international famous brands, environmental protection energy saving, safe and reliable.

2.Adopt special conveyor belt specially made for needle detector,compared with ordinary belt, it has stronger anti-pollution performance.

3.Load-bearing board suppliers for Shanghai insulation materials factory, the factory is a state-owned large enterprises, product quality can absolutely guarantee.

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