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High Sensivity Needle Detector Auto Conveyer for garment

  • DN-8500-2

DN-8500-2 type high-sensitivity anti-interference needle detector technology adopts strong anti-interference next-generation digital circuit, digital form analysis of the detected object, compared with the performance of traditional needle detector, DN-8500-2 needle detector has super performance Anti-interference and ultra-high sensitivity.

It is used to detect broken needles (broken sewing machine needles), iron wires and other ferromagnetic metals (the so-called over-detection needles) that are mixed and lost in textile products, so as to avoid direct or indirect losses to consumers and enterprises. The testing equipment that export product manufacturers and raw material suppliers must have is a symbol of enterprise quality standards, which can better accept more foreign trade orders for enterprises.

Scope of application

Apparel, toys, handicrafts and packaging industries or non-woven towels, carpets and other industries that need to detect ferromagnetic metal impurities.

Main parameters of needle detector


Fully automatic conveying needle detector





Detection hole width


Detection hole height


Detection sensitivity

In empty state: ferromagnetic metal Fe≥φ1.0mm

Effective detection hole width

500 mm

Effective detection hole height


Conveyor belt height

The default is 750mm (adjustable up and down by 50mm), and the height from the ground can be customized

Delivery Capacity


Transmission direction

From left to right

Conveyor belt maximum speed


Conveyor belt material

Conveyor belt for needle detector

Display and operation

Control panel key input

Power Requirements


Alarm method

Metal is detected, the buzzer alarms, and the conveyor belt stops running

Equipment size

About 1800×850×960mm

Equipment net weight

About 180kg


1. The above detection accuracy is for reference only, and the actual detection accuracy needs to be obtained after testing.

2. Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The production cycle is 10 working days.

4. The sensitivity of the needle detector is related to the product characteristics (humidity, salt content, temperature, etc.) to be detected. In addition, there are some environmental influences, such as vibration, electromagnetic field interference, etc., which will affect the actual detection sensitivity of the device.

Device Description

Design advantages:

1. Using advanced digital signal processing technology improves the device's ability to suppress product effects and the stability of the device. Up to now, it is also one of the few domestic manufacturers that can industrially produce digital machines.

2. The lightweight body design saves assembly line space, and it is fully waterproof and suitable for wet working environments.

3. The detector head and frame are made of carbon steel, which is professionally treated with anti-corrosion, rust-proof, dust-proof and waterproof, which is hygienic and durable.

Hardware advantages:

1. The belt adopts the special PU belt for needle detector, which greatly improves the anti-pollution and dirt resistance of the belt compared with the ordinary conveyor belt.

2. The supplier of the pallet is Shanghai Insulation Material Factory, which is a large state-owned enterprise, and the product quality can be absolutely guaranteed.

3. Our company is the drafting unit of the light industry (needle detector) industry standard of the People's Republic of China, and the needle detector produced by our company is CE certified.

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