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JZQ-710K Needle Detector


The JZQ-710k shoe factory Production line needle inspection machine is designed for the assembly line production of shoe factories and shoe companies,The JZQ-710K can be installed directly on the working surface of the assembly line. In the case of saving workers operation, can provide efficient, convenient needle inspection efficiency, by the majority of shoe making companies. It is mainly used for detecting the broken needle, iron wire and other ferromagnetic metals in footwear products or semi-finished products such as leather shoes, sports shoes and casual shoes. Avoid direct or indirect losses to consumers and businesses. This model is also suitable for export product manufacturers and raw material suppliers must have testing equipment, is a symbol of enterprise quality standards, can better accept more foreign trade orders for enterprises.

Range Of Application

Shoe factory, shoe making company which need to detect iron magnetic metal miscellaneous quality inspection out of the industry.


1. The above detection accuracy is for reference only. The actual detection accuracy shall be obtained after testing.


JZQ-710K Production Line Needle Detector

Detection method

Magnetic Field Induction,Digital Circuit

Detection sensitivity

Fe φ0.8mm-2.5mm

Detection adjustment

1-10 Level

Detection width


Detection height


Alarm method

Alarm by sound & light,machine stops,conveyor returns,then restarts again

Power Supply

Ac220V 50-60Hz



Machine  Size


Net weight

about 150kg

2. special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The production cycle is 7-10 working days

4. The sensitivity of the needle detector is related to the characteristics of the detected product and the detection environment (humidity, temperature, etc.). In addition, there are some surrounding environmental influences, such as vibration, electromagnetic interference, etc., which will affect the actual detection sensitivity of the equipment.

Equipment specification

Design advantages:

1. Our company has 20 years of rich experience in manufacturing metal testing equipment, and constantly improve the process, innovation function, to provide our customers with better service.

2. Our needle detector adopts digital signal processing technology, which effectively improves the stability of equipment operation and reduces the probability of false alarm. So far, our company is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce digital needle detector on an industrial scale.

3. Super anti-interference function, our needle detector function to the surrounding environment (2 meters outside) in the ceiling fan, mobile phone, screwdriver and other metal products do not misalarm, can eliminate the interference of iron oxide.

4. The detection probe and frame are made of high-strength carbon steel. The lightweight body design saves the space of assembly line. It is treated with anti-corrosion, rust, dust-proof and waterproof, which is sanitary and durable and suitable for humid working environment.

5. Special epoxy resin adhesive is used to fix all parts inside the probe to ensure the probe's stable and reliable performance. Besides, it is sealed, waterproof and dustproof, which can not only prevent the fluctuation caused by turbulence, but also prevent the machine failure caused by insects and rats entering the probe.

Two Hardware advantages:

1. The belt adopts the special conveyor belt of needle detection machine, which can effectively improve the anti-pollution and anti-dirty ability of the belt compared with the ordinary conveyor belt.

2. Custom motor, our company after years of manufacturing experience, special motor manufacturers to purchase custom needle machine special motor, greatly improve the motor efficiency, reduce the motor failure rate.

3. Electrical accessories use Schneider Electric brand, environmental protection, energy saving, safe and reliable.

4. Pallet supplier for Shanghai insulation materials factory, the factory is a state-owned large enterprises, product quality can absolutely guarantee.

5. Our company is the drafting unit of light industry (needle checking machine) industry standard of the People's Republic of China, and all needle checking machines produced by our company have passed the CE certification of the European Union.

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