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MD-8500 Metal Detector

Mainly used in food or packaging industry metal foreign body detection.

Digital metal detector, also known as digital metal detector, the automatic digital metal detector system can identify various magnetic and non-magnetic metals (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), even if the fine metal is embedded in the product. can be detected. The whole machine has passed the EU CE certification.


Digital Metal Detector





Detection hole width


Detection hole height


Main material

Made of all stainless steel (304)

Detection method

Double Balanced Coil Induction Method

Detection Sensitivity

In the empty state: iron Fe≥φ0.8mm, stainless steel Sus304≥φ1.5mm, non-ferrous Non-Fe≥φ1.5mm, the actual detection sensitivity is slightly reduced according to the properties of the inspected product.

Effective detection hole width

400 mm

Effective detection hole height


Conveyor belt height        

Default 680mm (up and down adjustable 50mm, can be customized)

Delivery capacity


Transmission direction

From left to right

Conveyor belt maximum speed


Conveyor belt material

Food grade PU belt

Protection class


Display and operation mode

LED LCD flat key input

Working environment


Power Requirements

AC220V 50Hz   



Alarm method

Metal detected, alarm, conveyor belt stop

Total Weight

About 200kg


About 1400×830×910mm


1. The above detection accuracy is for reference only, and the actual detection accuracy needs to be obtained after testing.

2. Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The material used in the metal detector is SUS304

4. Dustproof and waterproof

5. The sensitivity of the product is related to the characteristics of the detected product (humidity, temperature, salt content, minerals, etc.). In addition, there are some environmental influences, such as vibration, electromagnetic field interference, etc., which will affect the actual detection sensitivity of the device.

6. Since it is a customized model, the estimated production cycle is 15 working days

Device Description

Design advantages:

1. It has the function of automatic identification of product characteristics, 100 product information storage functions, automatic phase tracking function, and automatic forward and reverse conveyor belt functions.

2. Using advanced digital signal processing technology improves the device's ability to suppress product effects and the stability of the device. Up to now, it is also the only manufacturer in China that can industrially produce digital machines.

3. The lightweight body design saves assembly line space, and it is fully waterproof and suitable for wet working environments.

4. The detector head and frame are all made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and durable.

Hardware advantages:

1. Stainless steel adopts 304 type, which ensures the corrosion resistance of the equipment.

2. The electrical related accessories use the Schneider Electric brand, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe and reliable.

3. The belt adopts Habasit food grade PU belt, which has passed FDA food grade certification, which greatly improves the belt's ability to resist pollution and dirt.

4. The supplier of the pallet is Shanghai Insulation Material Factory, which is a large state-owned enterprise, and the product quality can be absolutely guaranteed.

5. Our probes are filled with epoxy resin to ensure the stability and service life of the equipment.

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